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Cyber Security Awareness Training Program

Transitioning your employees from your “most vulnerable target” to “becoming human firewalls” is one of the smartest things you can do to improve your IT security posture.

It’s a multifaceted challenge HUB Tech can help you overcome!

Phishing, Spear-phishing, Whaling, Social Engineering, Drive-by downloads, etc.

The reason these deceptive methods of entry are so successful is because they come in many clever variations in order to exploit a trusting and inquisitive human nature.  Knowing this, we need to turn an employee’s weakness into a strength.  We want people to be inquisitive, to know what to look for, to question the suspicious and to understand the potential ramifications of misplaced trust spans beyond your companies well-being.

We live in a “click-happy” society.  It takes less than five minutes to create and engage your employees with an enticing and deceptive message that can result in disruption (best case), or a catastrophic business scenario.

Relying solely on technical controls such as spam filters, firewalls, anti-virus software, or you name the widget, isn’t enough.  So what can you do?  Turn to HUBcare!

cyber-security-awareness-training-program-lifecycle-imageCreating your “human firewall” begins with a managed program from the HUBcare portfolio.

Education, and yes fun, are powerful tools that can compel individuals to personalize their ability to make a positive impact on the cyber security and social engineering fronts both in the workplace and beyond it.

We make it simple…

HUBcare makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to institute a continuous cyber security awareness program in a cost effective and impactful way.

  1. How many employees do you have?
  2. To what degree to you want awareness raised? (Basic, Medium, High)
  3. How long would you like us to run the program? (1 or 3 Years)

Highlights of our flexible packages include:

  • An array of current and relevant training video content (5-30 minutes)
  • Phishing Tests
  • Monthly reporting
  • Printed Cybersecurity Posters
  • Integration with your Active Directory or LDAP.
  • Automated remedial training for “clickers”
  • Integrate your own content and policy acknowledgement
  • Security “Hints and Tips/Scam of the Week” emails
  • Board Room & Executive face-to-face sessions
  • Voice-based phishing (i.e. Vishing)
  • Email client integration for suspect alerting directly to IT.
  • Customized landing pages.

We also have the ability to conduct one-off phishing tests if you would like to verify the need to institute a sustained program.