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Endpoint Protection

Effective multi-faceted endpoint protection solutions are intuitively managed and contribute to an adaptive and connected defense strategy.

We live in a borderless networked world where the productivity we realize from endpoint devices is very much dependent on how we protect them.  Whether you have 20 or 20,000 endpoint devices, there are reasonable and cost effective actions you can take.
Today’s endpoint protection strategies and technology can defend your enterprise from zero-day threats, advanced malware, and the click-before-you-think culture we operate in.

It takes more than just Anti-virus, Anti-Spam, and a Firewall…

When you think “Endpoint Device” what comes to mind?  Smart phones, Tablets, Desktops, Physical Servers, VM’s, NAS Appliances, Fixed-Function Devices, etc.

There is a way to protect your organization from relentless click-on-everything habits and those who wish to use your endpoints as an unauthorized means into your organization.

Take the next step and unify security and patch management across endpoints, networks, data, and exceed compliance requirements.

Disparate security solutions require a console for this and a console for that.  HUB Tech can help you realize a connected and highly automated set of controls to improve your overall security posture.