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Information Security

Without one, the other is unlikely!

Long gone are the days of considering IT Security and Business Continuity mutually exclusive business functions.  The underlying objectives of each are grounded in maintaining three core conditions to drive intended business outcomes; Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

HUB Tech helps organizations apply the proper optics on technology to ensure business can continue to thrive in a secure manner regardless of operating conditions.  With over twenty (20) years of experience helping a diverse client base leverage technology we have amassed a wealth of knowledge in how to properly enable business with technology.


We know you’re unique!  We’ll develop the solutions that are right for you.

Every business, school, agency, and healthcare organization has unique requirements and aspirations.  In HUB Tech you have a wealth of experience available to call upon to ensure you achieve and maintain confidentiality, integrity, and the availability of the technologies you leverage today and in the future.

Reasonable and Adaptive by Design.

We recognize the use of technology is a journey you are already on and it must be safe and continuous.  We collaborate with our clients to ensure we have a thorough comprehension of existing investments, plans, and goals then correlate the challenges they will face when trying to evolve their use of technology.  You can count on HUB Tech to provide the right solutions and guidance to meet your current needs and provide you with the flexibility to adapt to the future.

Highlights of how HUB Tech can help:

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery – Planning, Testing, and Facilities
  • IT Security Maturity Assessments
  • Enterprise IT Resilience Assessments
  • Enterprise Risk & Compliance Assessments

Portfolio includes: