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Infrastructure Virtualization

Data center infrastructure virtualization.Management of modern data centers poses several challenges, including limited IT budgets, security, scalability, availability, business continuity, and the flexibility to hybridize against cloud platforms as necessary. The changing landscape of technology coupled with the daily administration tasks and remediation requirements of physical server infrastructures can hinder companies in their ability to grow their IT environments to meet the needs of their business.

To achieve those goals, HUB Tech can assist with planning for the virtualization of your server infrastructure, limiting the risks of physical infrastructures which can include high costs, greater complexity, and business disruption. With VMware or Hyper-V, instead of devoting the entirety of a server’s physical resources to a single application, your ownership costs decrease as applications and solutions make better use of the hardware resources available to them. In addition to better load management, virtualization of your infrastructure can allow for your datacenter to continue running despite the failure of physical hardware, networking components, or even the loss of an entire physical site.

According to Gartner, in addition to providing flexibility, speed, and better quality of service, virtualization saves up to 50% when compared to businesses that rely on physical resources.

Schedule an assessment of your environment to see how HUB Tech can help with virtualizing your physical infrastructure, or upgrading your existing virtual environment to help your business meet the needs of a changing IT landscape.




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