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Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Scale Out

Businesses and organizations need to scale to meet the needs of massive computing operations, there comes a point of diminishing returns when trying to manage server environments in terms of distinct pools of resources with using multiple management interfaces. Instead, to dramatically scale out those environments, hyper-convergence can be employed to transform the different components of your server infrastructure to be as transparent and easily managed as your business needs demand.
Server processes have moved from mechanical operations to an approach that leverages management software to migrate those operations to abstracted layers of the server architecture, making better use of system resources. These processes have shifted from on premise server hardware to virtualized infrastructures, and more easily to hyper-converged solutions.

Hyper-Converged Solutions

Hardware is becoming more and more commoditized. Hyper-convergence aims to make the best use of that hardware commoditization by utilizing software defined storage, networking and virtualization to easily manage, deploy, and scale out your server infrastructure as your business needs change and grow.


With hyper-convergence, management interfaces are unified, allowing for the various pieces of your infrastructure such as storage and networking, to talk seamlessly with your hypervisor and server environment. This allows administrators to more accurately report on storage utilization, system load, and bottlenecks, allowing for a more accurate technology roadmap, saving time and cost for future implementation. Hyper-convergence offers a faster time to deploy and simplifies the scaling of your infrastructure up or down to meet changing needs.

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