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Digital Transformation

HUB Tech can help you analyze your current environment and develop a strategic plan to transform your data center.

Remove growth barriers. Reduce cost and complexity. Optimize energy and space efficiency.

Internet server laptopMaintaining your existing multi-server environments or multiple data centers can be very costly and inefficient. It can also increase the risk of downtime or data loss. Consolidating data center facilities and infrastructure can eliminate expensive redundancies; minimize server, storage and application sprawl; streamline operations; and simplify day-to-day management and maintenance. There is also significant energy savings realized.

  • Identify poorly utilized or overburdened servers.
  • Analyze storage resources and determine unused storage sets or pools and highly taxed storage sets.
  • Develop a plan for virtualizing servers using existing and new equipment
  • Shrink the footprint of the datacenter to reduce management and utility costs
  • Plan for high availability, storage replication and application redundancy.

Portfolio includes:

It all starts with a Data center utilization analysis or Capacity plan. To find out if you qualify for it at little or no cost to your organization, request an assessment.