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Device as a Service

Lifecycle Management is more complex than it looks

Every year, your IT systems and services become more complex. You have more devices per user, more multi-vendor environments to manage, more services and hardware spread across your environment, more issues from an aging device fleet, more invoices and contracts, more budget constraints—and the list goes on. We believe deploying and managing devices should be as simple as ordering a service. And now it can be.

HP Device as a Service spans every stage of the lifecycle, and can be adapted to meet your exact needs—so you don’t pay more than you need to. Add to that the security you get from having your devices managed, controlled, and disposed of safely, and your worries fade away. Now you can provide the devices and experiences users love and the lifecycle efficiencies your business craves—with the economies of scale, global accountability and world-class services that HP delivers. The result? Delighted users and a transformed workplace.

Device as a Service with HP

How it Works

By combining hardware and services into a single contract with one monthly payment, HP Device as a Service can help improve your cash flow, preserve capital to invest in other IT priorities, and deliver a predictable and consistent IT budget. Printer hardware and services (including HP Managed Print Services) can also be added for even greater economies of scale.

At every step, an HP Account Delivery Manager will work with you to determine the needs of each user within your organization—from executives and office workers to road warriors and sales teams—to ensure you and your users receive a personalized solution and are satisfied with all aspects of the lifecycle. That’s the HP advantage: the right experience for the right people at an optimal cost, all managed by HP.

HP Device as a Service

Discover and Design

We listen, assess, and then design a plan just for you. We’ll learn about your challenges through discovery workshops and develop a unique service and hardware solution that fits you and your users’ exact needs.


From installing your custom images and applications to labeling devices and modifying factory settings tailored to your IT needs, HP Configuration Services can help save you time and increase productivity. For even more help saving time, HP also offers add-on configuration services such as integration, packaging, and tagging.


We manage everything from logistics to warehouse installation, data migration, delivery, and setup, so you and your IT staff can focus on getting the most out of your technology tools. HP and HUB Tech Deployment Services can address your specific goals while reducing time, risks, and cost.


HP’s suite of support and help desk services can be customized to meet your unique needs and optimize your PC environment. End-user phone and Priority Services, walk-in centers, streamlined help lines for IT professionals, reporting, staff augmentation, software or Operating Systems upgrades, firmware upgrades, re-install service—HP can do all these for you and more, and HUB Tech can help you integrate these services into your existing workflows.


Extend and expand on the protection of your HP and multi-vendor devices. These optional services add additional coverage and easy access to repair services— including onsite options and resident engineers, accidental damage protection, and defective media retention—for optimal up-time. HP and HUB Tech will customize your plan to meet your specific needs in service hours (standard/outside of office hours) and service options.

Dispose and Refresh

At the end of a device’s lifecycle, HP will refresh with the latest technology products. We will remove the old units, secure your hard drives (disk wipe, or return them to you) and perform data migration as well as recycle them in an environmentally friendly manner. As new products are introduced, HP will also assess and design a plan to refresh products over subsequent years.

Simplify your IT Environment

Forget the complexity and let HP and HUB Tech simplify your device lifecycle management. HP Device as a Service offers a single solution for your device needs across the entire lifecycle, and all the financial benefits that come with that simplicity. Whatever your device needs, HP can handle them—so you don’t have to.

Choose HP Device as a Service for predictability, security, and a transformed workplace. To find out more, contact HUB Tech.