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Desktop as a Service

Managing Your Desktops In a Cost Effective Way

Is the cost of refreshing and managing your desktops putting a strain on your technology budget? Manage your desktops more efficiently with Desktop as a Service, a cloud-based service, which enables the back-end of a virtual desktop infrastructure  to be hosted by a cloud service provider.

As you continue to move your technology to the Cloud, why not consider moving your virtual desktops to the cloud as well?

Key Benefits of Desktop as a Service:

  •  Multiple configurations offered including Persistent and Non-Persistent
  •  Lower cost of desktop management and support including MDM
  • Simplify the rollout of BYOD
  • Ability to easily and securely access your data and applications from anywhere- the data is in the data center, not on the device. If a device is lost, the data is still secure
  • No outlay costs – all OpEx, not CapEx
  • Easy Application and Content management
  • Host from a remote location
  • Flexible scalability, modify as needs change
  • Provides a true DR option with access anywhere, anytime, using any device

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