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Information Security Program

Information Security Program

The foundation for securing your IT assets and business operations is a well thought out, documented, measurable, and iterative plan.  Fundamentally it prescribes how the organization institutes controls and protocols to continuously protect your technology assets while at a minimum meeting compliance requirements and achieving acceptable risk tolerance levels.

Sound familiar?

“If I strive to be ‘right’ 100% of the time because the bad guys only need to be right once, where do I start?”

For most people, it’s not fun and it’s not easy.

The good news is we’re not most people.  We love this stuff!  In our staff you have decades of business and technical experience to call upon.  Our goal with clients is to help them define, refine, and institute Information Security policies, practices, and the investments necessary to maintain the sanctity of their respective business.

A unique and practical approach… prioritize!

It’s important to accept that security is a never ending process, not a project!  Within 15 seconds it’s likely you could find ways to spend your entire budget on things to positively impact your security posture.  Avoid the “whack-a-mole” habit of bolting on yet another isolated control to deal with the issue of the day.

Having an Information Security Program brings your vulnerabilities into focus and guides your organization to prioritize actions and investments commensurate to meeting your acceptable risk.

Our subject matter experts are here to help you comprehend what makes the most sense for you to do next and justify it internally. Our recommendations are based on your business and operating environment(s).  We will provide and guide you through a “priorities-based” Information Security Program to meet and maintain your acceptable risk tolerance level(s).

Services you can engage:

  • IT Security Program / Policy Development & Auditing
  • IT Security Posture Maturity Assessments
  • IT Risk Assessments & Penetration Testing
  • Incident Management Program Development
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • Regulatory Audit Preparedness and Response Assistance
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning