Cloud Solutions

Server environments are moving from your datacenter to the cloud, and you might not even be aware of it.

Cloud Image2In the past, line of business applications required servers, and those servers required space in your building. That space needed its own dedicated power, cooling, security, monitoring, and staff. The cost of running physical hardware is growing significantly, which is why software vendors are starting to move their applications to hosted scenarios.

Several of today’s popular accounting, file sharing, messaging, and identity management solutions are being moved to web portals, decreasing the need for physical servers and datacenters. For many organizations, this move to hosted platforms has been transparent. As updates are published to software to make them obsolete, IT managers and business professionals are being provided with web URLs to access this software. The presentation is the same to the end user, but instead of going to resources in the back room, they’re being directed to resources in the cloud.

HUB Tech can help you to understand the challenges and obstacles you may encounter as you plan your path to the cloud.

Digital internet technologyThese challenges can include:

  • Cost considerations of capital expenditures to operational expenditures
  • Securing hosted data
  • Accessibility, availability, and uptime of hosted solutions
  • Providing 24/7 hosted access to legacy applications
  • Single-Sign-On enablement and unification

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